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I am a Finnish entrepreneur and audiovisual executive who loves powerful stories and purpose-driven business. Stories to screen and ideas into action.

My background is in media, especially in television and audiovisual storytelling. I am a co-founder of Aito Media, one of the biggest Finnish production companies, which I ran for 20 years as a CEO. Today, on audiovisual storytelling, I focus on international drama and documentaries as a creative producer. I recently co-founded Take Two Studios company with a mission to tell true stories driven by hope. 

On the other side, I have had the privilege to work with businesses that make the world a better place. Doing good and doing well are not the opposite anymore. I am a founder of WEGAN, a company that will bring tasty vegan food to the masses. In addition, I am a partner and chairperson in Sitomo, a company that brings psychological safety to workplaces. 

I am also a podcaster and writer. Today, I write a book, IDEACTION: how to put your ideas into action.

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What Is A Good Professional Idea?

We all have ideas. Humans are creative. Kids are creative. We play. We draw. It is in our nature to be creative. We have ideas, and we want to put them into action. The more you have ideas, the more you see missed opportunities. Ideas are in the air. Only after executing them up to…

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How Do We Present Our Ideas?

Do you remember how it felt when you told someone about your idea for the very first time?  I do. It was quite tough. I felt a tickling in my stomach. My problem is that when I am excited about something, my brain becomes hyperactive. I cannot communicate clearly. My brain is running ahead, and…

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Why Can’t We Just Do It?

FIRST OF ALL … We all have our mental obstacles and inner consultants that tell us why we shouldn’t try anything new. Facing these thoughts in order to move on is better than trying to silence them. We are billions of people in the world, and because we all have our own obstacles, there might…

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