Would you like to make a change and start something new in your professional life? Perhaps you have wanted to live by your values by creating your own business - a yoga studio or an edgy digital start-up? Or maybe you want to scale up your existing business. Or do you finally want to write that book that you have wanted to do for ages?  

So, do I. Let's put our ideas to action. 

I have been executing ideas for 20 years - I have both made successful stories to screen and companies and made most of the mistakes. What I have learned is this: We all have ideas. We all have dreams that we would like to put into action. But both you and I are sitting on top of our ideas without executing those. However, life is too short to not put our ideas to action.

Over time, mindset is the most critical asset we have on our inner entrepreneurial journey. How we get things done makes all the difference. And on our journey, I am sure we will find some good tools, too. 

And let's make some things clear. 

Daydreaming is okay. 

Letting ideas go is okay. 

But if we are not living the life we want, that is not okay. 

If that were easy, there would not be a need for this blog. 

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